Reviewing the asus rt


Asus has recently launched a very interesting single-band router: RT-N18U - a router that works using only the 2.4 GHz frequency, it has the hardware power of more expensive routers & it is reasonably priced. Its characteristics led us to believe sầu that this might be the faskiểm tra wireless router on the 2.4 GHz frequency & we were very curquả táo lớn test it. Today, we are happy khổng lồ be the first English-speaking trang web to review this router. After a week of testing, here is what we have sầu learned:

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Unboxing the ASUS RT-N18U Router

The packaging of this router is very similar to that of other ASUS routers. Inside the box you will find the router, the three external antennas that must be connected lớn the bachồng of the router, the power adapter, a network cable, the warranty & a quiông chồng thiết đặt guide.

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A nice touch about the Mã Sản Phẩm we have tested is that the power adapter had detachable plugs for several types of power outlets và it works with power lines from many countries.

To learn more about the unboxing experience, don"t hesitate to view the đoạn Clip below:

Hardware Specifications

In terms of hardware specifications, ASUS RT-N18U is very interesting: it has a powerful Cortex A9 800MHz processor just lượt thích its more expensive sầu brothers, 128MB of flash memory và 256MB of RAM. Because it is a single-band router and not a dual-bvà router, it means that this hardware works even better because it has to lớn manage only one wireless frequency. At least in theory.
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