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SINGAPORE - For Taiwanese-Korean singer-songwriter Sun Shengxi, winning the Best Mandarin Album accolade at the 2019 Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan was great, but it is not an over point in itself.

In her lachạy thử album Where Is Shi?, released last month (December), the musician, who is also known as Shi Shi, sings about her never-ending quest to achieve more.

Speaking khổng lồ Singapore truyền thông in Mandarin recently, she said she is often not satisfied with the status quo, be it how much money she makes or how successful her music is.

"I tell myself khổng lồ be nội dung, but whenever I get some results, I feel I want khổng lồ do better. It is a contradiction, but not being satisfied pushes me lớn move forward."

Sun shot to lớn fame after coming in sixth in the second season of Taiwanese singing reality competition Chinese Million Star in 2013.

Since her fourth album, Shi"s Journey, nabbed the prestigious award in 2019, expectations are high, she acknowledged.

"Every action I take - be it writing a melody or deciding how a song is developed - I think about how to lớn vị better than last time. The áp lực is there."

With her new work, she is going all out for this year"s Golden Melody Awards, described as the Grammys of Taiwan.

She put it out there that she was eyeing the Best Female Vocadanh mục category but added that "getting nominated in any category is a great khung of affirmation".

There is a distinct R&B sound in Sun"s new album, a nod lớn the influence of R&B musicians she has listened khổng lồ from young, such as Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Usher.

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The track Not Enough is in the style of 2000s R&B, featuring a groovy guitar, và is co-produced by Taiwanese rapper Razor Chiang.

Another song, Infected, which likens love sầu to a disease spreading in one"s toàn thân, has a smooth, undulating melody accompanied by soulful strings.

Sun said: "I have always known my singing style leans towards R&B, from my vibrato khổng lồ the way my voice changes between registers. But I have not been able khổng lồ vì a proper R&B album until now. So in this album, I feel especially lượt thích myself."

Sun sings about her never-ending quest to lớn achieve more in Where Is Shi?. PHOTO: ROCK RECORDS

Sun, who is single, turned 30 last November. In the new year, she hopes lớn bởi more music arrangement, and take better care of herself & maybe keep fewer late nights.

A longer-term goal, which she talked about in a recent interview, is to lớn be married, with two or three children. But first, the right person has to come along.

She said: "I am the sort who will be the first lớn make my intentions known, but this might frighten the other tiệc nhỏ off."

She might have a long to-vì chưng danh sách, but Sun is taking it all in her stride. As she put it: "Actually, I don"t need to be in such a hurry lớn accomplish everything. After all, my 30s have just started."

Where Is Shi? is available on music-streaming platforms such as KKBox, Spotify & Apple Music.

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