We Take a Look at What "Whitening" Products Are All About

Reviewing K-beauty brand 3CE’s new White Milk Lotion.

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3CE’s Milk Lotion is the newest addition to lớn the Korean beauty company’s White Milk line. The entire collection is dedicated to brightening skin and preventing wrinkles. Since the Milk Lotion has a lighter formula than the Milk Cream, you can use it from head-to-toe anywhere that you have sầu dark spots.

Because this hàng hóa is advertised khổng lồ have sầu skin whitening properties, I want khổng lồ preface this đánh giá by saying that I don’t subscribe khổng lồ the idea that I, or anyone else for the matter, needs to lớn have sầu lighter skin. While “skin whitening” seems like a scary, problematic term, when it comes lớn K-Beauty products, it’s often just semantics. Many products with “whitening” effects have more khổng lồ bởi with renewing the skin by getting rid of dead skin cells rather than bleaching it lớn make a lighter. Just like an exfoliator, they help your skin rejuvenate quicker and shed away any sun damage or acne scars. With that being said, you should still be careful of toxins & bleach that can potentially be found in skincare products. If you’re ever concerned about whether the “whitening” agent you’re using has damaging chemicals, a good blackmenu of ingredients khổng lồ look out for are: boric acid, coal tar, DHDM, methenamine, hydroquinone oxybenzone, và mercury. Also, a great tool I’ve sầu found is CosDNA. The site breaks down each ingredient in makeup products according khổng lồ safety levels, và if you can’t find a specific product, you can input the ingredients manually. I gave sầu this lotion a run through the site just lớn be sure and didn’t find anything alarming in the safety rating.

Arriving in a bright blue bottle & a milk-branded paint can, 3CE’s Milk Lotion comes in some of the most adorable packaging I’ve sầu ever seen. I did find the squeeze bottle a bit difficult to lớn maneuver, but I would just dab any excess hàng hóa that came out on my dry elbows.

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The lotion’s smell is incredibly sweet and has a chocolate scent since the formula includes cocoa. While the product does come out quite thiông xã, it goes on surprisingly silky và almost powder-lượt thích, which was great for me since I have oilier skin. I can use this as the final step of my skincare routine, but if you need something more hydrating, I suggest pairing it with a night moisturizer and using it as the second last step.I only use skin brighteners on occasion as I bởi vì have quite healthy skin, so I only tested out the lotion for three days. Even though I only used it for a short amount of time, I found that it was a great sản phẩm for evening out skin tone and lightening acne scars. One thing I particularly love sầu is that since it’s also a toàn thân lotion, it helps with fading out all the mosquilớn bite scars that I’ve accumulated over the summer.
When it comes to lớn using the Milk Lotion as a day cream, I have sầu mixed feelings. I love the texture since it’s not tacky whatsoever, và it’s probably the most matte lotion I’ve sầu ever tried. I can layer on sunscreen without feeling lượt thích it was too thiông xã, & it actually makes my face smoother so it’s easier khổng lồ apply foundation. The downside is that the cream isn’t transparent, so it does immediately make your skin tone look one shade lighter. While this might be a look that some people go for and would create a great base for making makeup appear more pigmented, I found that it dulled out my complexion. I would definitely only use this hàng hóa in the evening.You can buy 3CE’s new Milk Lotion on the company’s site for $41 USD. For more from the br&, kiểm tra out its recent collaboration with W Hotels.